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Special - Free Blog Setup for New Website

We highly recommend our client to set up blog on their website, and we can set up a custom designed blog for free for our clients with new website. There are 2 benefits of have company blog are:


1. Provide more interactive functions for customers and company can use blog as platform to publish information and get feedbacks from customers.

2. SEO purpose - Google likes blog, especially the blog which is updated frequently. And If company publish good articles on blog regularly, Google will visit your website more frequently and is great benefit for SEO performance.



Blog is platform for company to publish the information, product or news and get the feedbacks from customers. The articles can only be published by company staffs that have the editor account.




For our old customers, we are happy to setup blog for them with very affordable price, we already have our source-code for blog and the fee we charge to our customers is for the design customization. Our blog is Search engine friendly and very easy to manage.


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Oanh Ma
Working with the verecom team has been an easy and enjoyable.

Classic Hifi
Verecom have guided us through the maze to establish a website.

IB Times
Verecom has done a great job in maintaining IT side of our website.