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Modern Carport is a business that sells aluminum, two posts cantilever carport. Due to the fact that it is a fairly new concept in the carport industry within Australia, we've put forth many marketing strategies during the past few years. Within the launch of our website, Verecom has successfully made known of our product to many not only in Australia, but also within other countries such as USA, United Kingdom etc. Verecom has been very helpful in helping us to achieve the type of website that we wanted to create, providing us with ideas and suggestions along the way to bring it to a success. Verecom has also done a great job in optimizing our business positions within the search engines results creating further opportunities for our business along the way.


David Zhou
Modern Carport


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Oanh Ma
Working with the verecom team has been an easy and enjoyable.

Classic Hifi
Verecom have guided us through the maze to establish a website.

IB Times
Verecom has done a great job in maintaining IT side of our website.