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As a professional website designer, we are also expert software developer; our software engineers have developed computer programming and building custom software systems for our customers for 10 years.


Our turnkey programming services include:


-Software design and analysis
-Internet/Intranet programming
-ASP/PHP programming
-Windows software development
-SQL / Database programming
-C# / Visual Basic.NET programming
-Visual Basic database programming


We are proficiency for many programming languages and technologies which enabling us to be technology agnostic in our solutions. Based on an agile approach, we give you flexibility in modifying your requirements with low cost overhead depending on your needs.


Our development Methodology Consists 5 steps:


1. Requirements Collection and analysis
2. Prototype development
3. Implementation
4. Testing
5. Delivery


We deliver programming services of custom application to end customers and also software design projects for many IT companies. At each stage of the development process, from conceptual design to finalization, the highest quality of standards are always guaranteed. So if you are looking for a professional software solution, we are here to help you!

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Oanh Ma
Working with the verecom team has been an easy and enjoyable.

Classic Hifi
Verecom have guided us through the maze to establish a website.

IB Times
Verecom has done a great job in maintaining IT side of our website.