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Verecom has many years of experience to develop web portal for businesses and communities, If you interested to know more about web portal please contact us.


What Is web portal?


Commonly referred to as simply a portal, typically a "portal site" has a catalog of web sites, a search engine, or both. Web portal offers a broad array of services and information, such as Forums, News, on-line shopping, e-mail, search engines and various other features. It functions as a point of access to information on the World Wide Web and present information from diverse sources in unified way


Types of web portal:


Sport portal
Also called “sportal”, which is the Web portal focus the business on the professional sports markets. Usually this web portal is developed by the Fans of sports teams to bring all information about a professional sports to this portal site.

Kids portal
Kids portals Provide information and entertainment for kids and can featuring free kids games, fun word games, clip art and more. This web portal helps kids to improve their learning abilities by playing the fun educational and learning games, free math & spelling games and also provide many other fun activities for kids, parents, teachers and families together.

Community portal
For example: The web portal for religions or culture, Religion portal for Christian or other religions, which provide Church information, spiritual life sharing and many more. And Australia Culture portal for Find Australian history, culture and recreations.

There are many types of web portal and above 3 are only just easy examples to demonstrate the functions of portal.


What the web portable can do for your business:


Service broker
An online service that acts as an intermediary, putting together buyers and sellers for a fee or commission. For examples: Dating service, Real-estate purchase, currency exchange trading etc...

Online Business Directory / Search engine
You can advertise other business name and website links under your web portal. A specialized listing consisting predominantly of information about businesses with help of the search engines and let web browsers find information of your customers’ business.

On-line shopping mall
Advertise the links of many online shopping websites under your web portal.

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Working with the verecom team has been an easy and enjoyable.

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Verecom have guided us through the maze to establish a website.

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